10 years of service.
Lifetime of experience

Understanding world events can be difficult and confusing.  Bryan distills current events into straightforward language, explaining to audiences how things happening far away directly affect U.S. national security and the lives of average Americans.


On-air appearances to well-respected publications, Bryan's ability to speak comprehensively about the affairs of our U.S. government are a great asset to your well versed audiences.
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Audiences & classes are given opportunity to learn more about a career in U.S. intelligence, along with an exploration of global issues—and why it matters to every American.
Please contact Bryan to discuss his attendance at your college class, university course, civics meeting, or church service.
Bryan works closely with screenwriters, actors, and directors to capture the life and sacrifice of spies.
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Bryan desires to work with businesses, philanthropic groups, and governmental bodies to find creative solutions to improve rural communities.
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Helping enrich the lives of those through service and public speaking

Bryan was born and raised in eastern Oregon and Idaho — cattle, wheat, and logging country. Nearly 40 years later, many rural communities in the Inland Northwest are struggling…

  • Unemployment rates are stubbornly high, with a record number of people underemployed.
  • Inflation-adjusted wages are little more than what they were in the 1970s.
  • The spread of methamphetamine has destroyed families, rich and poor alike.
  • Public schools are underperforming, with some schools only operating four days a week.
  • Many timber mills have been shuttered due to ill conceived land use policies.
  • Ranchers and farmers continue to struggle against unresponsive bureaucracies.

As an Oregonian and as a common sense Democrat, Bryan believes that the people of Oregon and its government can and must do better.  Bryan desires to work with businesses, philanthropic groups, and governmental bodies to find creative solutions to improve rural communities.  By extension, he hopes to help bridge the gap of understanding between Oregon’s vibrant urban core in the Willamatte Valley and the rest of Oregon’s mostly rural citizens.



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